Week 7 – Lets sing!


this week for me is all about two big topics — becoming a real (BA)ROQUE Star and tuning out from all negativity. And both things are tremendously helping me to move forward.

Lets talk about the music first, as this is the biggest surprise for me. This week we turned our DMP into a song. Well not really a song, more spoken text in front of background music. And not any kind of music, but it should be baroque. Even though I like classical music I was not really enthusiastic about that style, and was even considering to do “my own thing” but then thought about well these guys have surprised me a couple of times already, so why dont I just stick to the process and see what happens.

And boy has this been the right decision. I am now listening to my own DMP recording whenever I have a moment. While driving in the car, while cleaning the dishes, while travelling. And the funny thing is — the music really sticks with me during the day, and with the music probably also my own works, my major purpose, my dreams and ambitions.

I notice that I make different choices, I notice that there is less hesitation and more action, and I definitively notice that I have even more determination to make things happen in my life.

This is definitively also supported by the second big topic of this week — tuning out of all the negativity, as I am on a 7 day mental diet. This may sound easier than it is, because as soon as you have a negative thought for longer than 6 seconds, your 7 day diet starts again. I am getting better and better in tuning into positivity — and again I notice that this is freeing me up. This gives me more mental capacity to focus on where I want to go, and it just allows me to listen better and see clearer.

Who would have thought that these small actions would have such a massive impact?!

I love this process. It is challenging, and with challenge comes change. I dont remember who said it but it is definitively true!

Finally, I also noticed that the services I put on my daily service card are becoming more and more natural. And I love to up the antie and put services in there that are a little bit of a strech. Actually I am surprising myself with how easy things become, once they are on the card, and once I made up my mind to do them.

I can tell you I am excited about this journey — and I am noticing that my first smart goal — to join my wife in building our business fulltime by 1.4.2015 — is coming up. This leaves a little more than 4.5 months. Looking at what already happened in the last 6 weeks I am confident that we make it. I know the method shows up, the plans cristalize and I make the choices and carry out the right actions subconsciously.

And one thing is for sure: I Believe!


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