Week 9 — Getting active

Wow, what a week.

I don’t really know what changed for me, but I feel different. It is like that deep within me I know that I know that I know. Its a great feeling, I love it and I feel powerful and incredibly blessed.

So what happened? Well mainly two things:

1. I simply fully realized that all conditions that surround me, are created by myself — and more specifically by my thoughts. And while my head intellitually had already known this, I this knowledge now penetrated my entire body. Now, this is a very empowering thought. Because I shows that I am powerful beyond measures. If I have created the conditions I am in — and I am still seeing some that I would like to improve — then this means it is up to me to change them, and it means that I AM ABSOLUTELY CAPABLE OF DOING THIS. Because…. drum roll please…. I already did it before!

2. In the last weeks I noticed that I had anticipated certain events. I simply had a huntch, or a feeling somewhere in my body, that something would happen. These could be small things like a certain person calling me, my luggage missing the connecting flight, or a certain music playing in the radio.

Becoming more and more aware about this ability, I now started to more consciously create conditions. For instance what happened yesterday (or shall I better say — what I made happen yesterday) totally blew me away a yesterday: I really wanted to move our business forward yesterday. Tuesday evenings we always do presentations. Yesterday noone announced any guest for the meeting, but I insisted that we should run the meeting anyway. I knew I will make people show up, that need help. And really, 10 min after our usual starting time two  curious Indian Gentlemen put their heads into our rooms. PERFECT! I quickly chatted with them, did a framed firelighter, and they joined our session.

You can not imagine guys what this means to me: for me it is proof, because the method is the same — if I want to make people appear, or manifest my DMP. No matter if a small sum of money, or a life of abundance, no matter if health, freedom, liberty, or legacy, etc.  ITS ALL THE SAME. All that counts is that I can see it.

Because “If I can see it, then I can do it. And: If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it!”

Guys, this is massive! This journey is amazing. I just know that I know that I know. And I feel this not in my head but in my body.

I can tell you, I am definitively all in.

You too?


7 thoughts on “Week 9 — Getting active

  1. Just awesome – thanks for sharing. Love the “If I can see it, then I can do it. And: If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it!” – I think that just became another affirmation! Thank you!


  2. I had the same epiphany about being in control of my life. I had to shake my head at some of the drama I have caused in the past. I am especially grateful that my children are being introduced to the masterkeys so young in life.


  3. It is so encouraging to hear your breakthroughs — just proof that we can all do it if we believe it — the idea of “I can see it, I can do it” is such a great way of explaining the process of visualization…thank you for giving me another insight–I’m going to get this yet! Be blessed!


  4. Congratulations on your successes, Michale
    It is so exciting to see how so many are enjoying Control of their Lives. Over the past 54 years following the Master Key principles, I have learned (many times the Hard way) it is consistent focus training our “subby” to allow so much to be “auto-piloted”
    We don’t think about breathing and we should not have to think about doing well and helping ourseleves and others.


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