Week 10 – 3 Strategies to drive your DMP home


if you ever wondered how to really drive your DMP home and get you to take action — this is what works well for me:

1. Get creative — let me ask you this: you know how your live looks like, once you live your DMP, right? you know where you are living, you know how your house looks like, you know how your surrounding look like, right?

So get creative — and do it now.

Create your future environment in your current home, for example by mounting a mega sized poster on your wall to get you into the right mood and help your imagination. Tens of thousands of Posters can be found for instance here AllPosters.com

We for instance ordered a 60 X 100 inch Poster with a magnificent view over Manhatten Central Park, right from our living room. Now whenever possible I do all the MKMMA exercises right in front of this poster. Guys, I can tell you this is a game changer. If you dont believe me, try it for yourself and tell me your results 🙂

UPDATE: there is currently a 25% Discount Offer on all posters: Enter the code HOLIDAY25 in the “Add Gift Certificate Or Coupon Code” box on the”Please Confirm Your Purchase” page to receive your discount. Works like a charm! AllPosters.com

UPDATE 2: Seems like today, Dec 5, they even have a 35% discount coupon: FHU992

2. Get connected — Nobody succeeds without a Mastermind! So if you do not have a Mastermind partner, get out e.g. their to the MKMMA alliance area and find your match. I partnered up with John Reilly, a MKMMA class mate. We did not know each other before, so what? We are both on the journey to a self-directed life — and, equally important, ready to grow and to do the work. And honestly reading one anothers DMP is just such a powerful way to connect to people (and yourself!).

This and John is great. We only started this week, and I am already convinced that this is one of the most important things you can do to advance your DMP. Why? Well first it creates accountability. Second it allows you to brainstorm on questions you might have and exchange. Third it links your actions to your desired outcome… let me repeat this:


And this is amazing: we all know what we need to do, and sharing what you will do TODAY and to link this action to your DMP makes you do it. Link, guys, link! Even quoting only one line of your DMP puts your commitment on the next level. I promise.

3. Use the magic wand — guys I dont know about you, but I am excited about my DMP. Imagining me enjoying my freedom and my live in Manhatten gets me excited. And think about it this way: isnt it amazing that all we have to do to is to follow the instructions on our little index cards to make it happen? This is literally like having the secret receipe to success, or the magic wand right in front of you.

Now the real question is this: Will you use it? 

Believe, and drive your future home. I do!


6 thoughts on “Week 10 – 3 Strategies to drive your DMP home

  1. Well Michael, how could I not comment! Masterminding with you has been a great inspiration, and is really bringing this journey together. We’re looking forward to coming and visiting you in your new pad on the 60th floor of Manhatton’s Metropolitan Tower, and standing there in awe, sharing the fantastic view looking over Central Park with you! CAN’T WAIT! Your passion will make that happen!


  2. Fantastic Michael. So glad you were able to Mastermind with John, and feel the benefits of the accountability. It’s very powerful. I look forward to witnessing the rest of your journey.


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