Week 11 – The Power of a Burning Desire

Week 11 is over.

What a week.

For the first time realized the real power of a burning desire — it makes you move! While previously I found soooo many reasons why something can wait, I now move forward — and do so with a lot of fun and confidence.

Amazing: I know what I want, I want it badly — and I know how to get it.

Linking the written Plan of Action to my DMP is so powerful. It makes me realize that I know what I have to do in order to get where I want to go. Success really is a result. Think about that!

So intensifying my desire through the sits, through the reading, through the shapes (its great fun linking shapes to your smart goals while driving in a car) really builds that burning desire that pulls me to take action.

Who would have thought that the answer to all your questions is within?

To see this happening really touches me. And the more action I take, the closer I get to living my DMP, the closer I get the more excited I become, the more clear is my DMP, the more action I take.

Funny example — I am currently travelling for business, and something was missing in my hotel room. Yesterday night I understood what it was: The shapes and my smart goals — so I simply took pen and paper and got creative. Now it feels like home 🙂

Time for change!

Guys, I know this is my chance for change – and I know that I make it happen!


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