Week 12 – Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Does this sound familar? Right, it is taken from the fairytale from the Brothers Grimm. But what I experienced this week is far from fairytale. It is reality, but let me start at the begining.

This week started off with one of the most powerful exercises I have ever gone through — we were asked to stand in front of a mirror and speak to ourselves for 50 min. And during this time all we said was one sentence, repeated — the essence of our DMP.

I dont want to share the sentence but more the feelings that I went through during this exercise. While standing in front of the mirror I realized that I hadnt had a look at me so attentively for a long time. And while repeating the essence of my DMP I realized that in front of my eyes my face changed and it seemed to me that I had aged quickly and looked old and tired. And I understood that this is what is waiting for me if I continue to follow my old blueprint, meaning procrastinating, following someone elses dream, and not hiding away instead of standing out, taking some risks and allowing myself to shine fully.

That Moment I realized that if I want different results, I had to do things differently. I realized that doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, that really is the definition of insanity. And I realized that I had Options. That I had come this far for a reason. That I really wanted a different outcome and am ready to do the work, And thought about my life, I thought about where I was today and I thought about how I want my life to play out from here forward. I fully understood that the choice really is mine. With the Masterkeys all the TOOLS I NEED TO CHANGE are placed right into the palm of my hand. The choice however is up to me — and while I can repeat this sentence over and over again, actions speak louder than words any time of the week. It sounds so simple but is so true — knowledge does not apply itself. It is up to me to take action and literally be the change I want to see.

All the masterkey actions  taken individually look so small. And despite the fact that they only take a couple of min a day it is so easy to procrastinate on them — but I asked myself one simple question… What if? What if I had started on that journey already earlier? Where would I be today? Because even if my actions of today might look like only small efforts, small efforts repeated accomplish any undertaking. And while the individual swipes might not have the slighted effort on a mighty oak, all swipes together will result in victory!

Guys, celebrate the small steps, the seamingly minor accomplishments, anything that you might have taken for granted till today. I am sure the more you celebrate these seamingly small accomplishments, the quicker you proceed on your journey to your dreams!

To your success!


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