Week 13 — What is persistence?

Guys, have you ever heard this one: It takes persistence to succeed! And have you ever thought about what persistence really is? And perhaps even more important; If you have it?

Some people think that persistance is a character trait — and that either you have it or you dont. How wrong can one be!

Turns out persistence at the end of the day is nothing more than a by-product, and thus nothing more than the result of four small habits – definitiveness of purpose, positive mental attitude, written plan of action and mastermind.The good news — everybody can develop persistence, and thus become successful.

So let me explain the habits a little more

1. Definitiveness of purpose. This means to know what you want to achieve in life. To know what you are here for and what you want your life to say when all is said and done. This sounds rather big, right? Well in fact it is, but lets break it down and go one step at a time. Initially you can start out with any goal meaningful for you and you will find more clarity the longer you concentrate on it. Write this goal down as if you have already achieved it and look at it daily, in fact read it out loud daily and put feelings into it — how will you feel once you have accomplished this goal?

2. Positive mental attitude. Did you ever realized how much negativity you come across during a normal day? Radio, newspaper, TV, colleagues, friends, family members, youself, … Guess what this has to stop. If you really want to become successful you have to develop and cultivate a positive mental attitude. So blocking all the negativity out of your mind — and perhaps even out of your house. You will realized the more positivity you surround yourself with, the more successful you become.

3. Written Plan of Action — ever heard this one: if it is not written, it is not true. Well, turns out written planning is critical to persistence. So ask yourself to achieve your goal, what is is actually you have to do. Amazingly in most cases we know what are the activities that really drive our success but dont consistenly do them. That is where awritten plan will come in handy. And I promise you as soon as you start writting your actions and thus likely your results will increase.

4. Mastermind — 2 or more poeple in perfect harmony masterminding about your challenges and keeping you on track is critical to persistence and thus success. The power of a mastermind is that it encourages you to follow through on your plan, as well to optimze your planning. So critical reflections and brainstorming are part of your masterminding experiences like setting your plan for the next day or week. Masterminding truly takes your commitment to a whole new level.

The amazing thing — if you follow these 4 habits, you will see that you will find yourself being more persistent in your quests and you will see that suddenly you have more energy to do what you want to do and it will take less effort to success. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.


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