Week 14 – Lets get positive!

The week between Christmas and New Year for me is always a week to calm down, to decompress, to relax. Typically this is a week where I am off work and really can take some time to reflect. I have shared with you last week, that my focus is on getting more positive with my self.

Well, this week has been both a challenge and a success in this matter.

A challenge because I had more time for myself, I automatically expected to do more for me. (Of course if you can fit in all the MKMMA activities next to a fulltime job, you should be able to easily fit it in during your holidays – and of course even more of it, right?!)Well turns out that more time is not necessarily more time. It is all about having a plan, that makes less time, more time — and more time even more time, if that makes sense!

Interestingly, even if I know this and wanted to do the planning for me for this week. Somehow I didn’t — and even though initially I was really unhappy with myself, at a certain point I realized, that having no plans during this time, was important for me. Important to unwind, to let go and to calm down.  I understood, that there is something bigger than myself. And I also understood,  that it is not about checking all the boxes all the time, but how you feel about checking them. This for me is easier said than done, but I stick to the process. Reading the achievement cards, looking at the mental diet pill and perhaps sometimes also allowing myself to be negative — but for a definite period of time

So what did I learn through this experiences?

  1. It is all about being in harmony — with others and myself.
  2. It is important to let go and trust something bigger has your back
  3. It is not about ticking all the boxes all the time, but about how you feel when you tick them.
  4. Success requires a written plan of action.
  5. More time is is in the planning.

Pretty big week, right?


2 thoughts on “Week 14 – Lets get positive!

  1. Planning is important, indeed:-) If we stop planning we may as well “wake up” one day and realise that we could have done this long “to-do-list” several days ago, but spent time on something else that didn’t bring any results at all :-S
    Good point there in your blog 🙂


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