Week 17 — The Hero’s Journey, A Journey Within!

Guys, major realization for me this week:

when I started with the MKMMA programme, my objective was all clear to me: Leave my job at the end of the MKMMA experience. I saw me leaving my job as the real start of my personal hero’s journey. The journey I was so much looking forward to (I love travelling, I love discovery and I love getting out there into the unknown, exploring new places, pioneering and turning unknown into know territory).

Now I realized that the real heros journey is — of course — within.  And that I am of course on this journey already — the reading, the sitting, the exercises. Amazing how blind one can be. Waiting and looking forward to the start of a journey, while not realising, that the journey has already started long time ago! Looooooong time ago. Really funny! And I also realized that there is no turning back.

This might soud like a simple realisation, yet to me it is an extremely powerful one. Imagine, I have come so far without actually noticing that the journey I was waiting for has already begun! Just think about how much more powerful this experience will become with me fully realizing that everything I do is a part of this journey, this biggest adventure of my life! Everything I do helps me moving further forward, helping me to explore new places, making new connections, turning the unknown into the known and getting myself one step closer to being my true self.

Guys, I am excited about the next weeks — so bring it on!


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