Week 17b – All Growh Is From Within

Since the early weeks of the mkmma experience we read, heard and spoke about the world within and the world without. One of the key concepts was “all growth is from within!”

This week during one of my sits I really understood the deeper truth of this concept. During the flower exercise it just hit me. I was watching the flower grow and realized — I am the flower!

what do I mean by that? Well think about it this way. How does the flower grow? By reaching out. By growing her roots to the borders of her universe and her comfort zone. By dividing and subdividing her cells she stretches forward and attracts everything she needs for fulfillment along the way: nutrients, water, light etc. then and only then when the basement is firmly established she starts to grow towards the sky. Growing again from within applying the same principles of cell growth!

i am the flower. Growing and drawing out what I already have within me. By Stretching myself and reaching out to the borders of my comfortzone – the borders of my daily habits, my old beliefs, my worldviews – I build the foundation of further growh. And it is exactly by doing so that I am able to find, attract and incorporate what feeds my further growth from the inside out: new thoughts new habits new beliefs and the faith to go further into the unknown – one step at a time.

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