Week 18 – Gratitude means happiness

Have you ever heard the saying “The longer the journey, the clearer to destination”? Sure you did! And while I recently started to rework my DMP again, I am getting clearer and clearer on the destination that I want to reach in my world within. The destination that will allow me to realize effortlessly all things I am thriving for in my world without.

There are two things that are central to my life: happiness and love. I deeply believe that this is what I truly am in my deepest core – and I am getting closer and closer to letting these feelings shine through me everyday.

What amazes me, is how much I am changing – and how quick things are developing.

There are moments in my life, where I am suddenly feeling a very deep love or a very deep joy and happiness. Sometimes this might even happen from one moment to the other. For instance last Wednesday. I was sitting in a plane. Travelling back home from a week in the United States, letting my thoughts run. Suddenly I felt it. A deep warmth inside myself.  Originating somehwere between my heart and my stomach, and steadily getting bigger until pulsating through my entire body. A feeling of love of life itself and a deep gratitude. And I only then realized the tears streaming down my face, truly moved by my journey and my life.

Or last Saturday. I woke up with a feeling of true happiness within me. This was amazing as I did not have such a feeling so early in the morning for a long time. The sun was shining and I was just feeling great! It was comparable to a young child getting up on christmas day or ones birthday. A mixture of happiness, and deep gratitude – and openness for life itself. Then I also truely realized how closely gratitude and happiness are linked and understood: the more grateful I am, the happier I become.

The greatest thing — I know why this is happening, and how I can get even more of it! It is the result of the MKMMA happiness progression we have been on since a couple of weeks.

I love it and for sure will give even more!


4 thoughts on “Week 18 – Gratitude means happiness

  1. Beautiful post, Michael, I actually have not heard the saying the longer the journey … but it is true, I did rewrite my DMP and things are coming into my life that are very exciting. I like your sharing about your experiences with the love and gratitude. Thanks.


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