Week 19 — Silence is Inspiration!


I want to share a big learning for me this week: Silence is inspiration – and inspiration requires silence.

This is what I mean: Do you know the feeling that things seem to get out of your control, because there is simply too much happening in your life? Isnt it fascinating that typically our reaction to feeling overwhelmed by stuff is to try to do more stuff with the given time? Resulting typically in even more things to do, or more precisely the feeling that you should have done even more things already, once you started ticking first things of your mental list?

Well here is the thing — instead of trying to do things and starting to spin your wheels faster, have you ever tried to let go? To take a step back?

To take the time to breath.

To become calm.

To sit.

to relax.

to let go.

In silence.

Just you.

Only YOU.


Did you feel something? Amazing, right? And even now, I promise there are million things running through your head. Things you should be doing, things you feel should have been done already yesterday, things you have to do tomorrow, and things you know you will never get done on time. Well I advise do the same thing.

Become calm.

Let go.



In silence.

Let go.


Become you.

Just you.

For me the realization I had was the following — when I took the time to really take a step back and letting go ideas suddenly pop up into my mind. Ideas that help me cut through the feeling of needing to do everything, and allow me to focus and move forward with those things that are the really important once. Things that really make a difference. A difference for ME — and so for YOU.

7 thoughts on “Week 19 — Silence is Inspiration!

  1. I must agree with the comments before this one from me, count ’em: three. After things we endlessly race, at an ever increasing pace — and whether we get more or less done, it really isn’t a whole lot of fun. In the silence is found the recognition that brings the inspiration, relaxation results in exhilaration. “In Him we live and move and have our being.”That’s the you we must be seeing.” Thank you, Mike, for this huge reminder. Coming as it has, it couldn’t be kinder.


  2. Heart-felt gratitude for this beautifully written perspective and reminder – I really needed this. Escape from the mind-maze and the rat-race into inner stillness – and breathe the breath of life…


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