Week 20 – See it and you can achieve it


today I want to share again some realizations around visualizations and planning. I started to use this not only for my private life, but also for my professional life — and it works! So last week for example I had to run a full day recruitment event. Something I had never done before, but of course the universal mind knows how to handle easily.

So I decided to sit about it. A couple of ideas came to my mind. For example that I should split the day into individual interview sessions in the morning and group assignments in the afternoon. And what I did next, I would have never done before our MKMMA experience: I decided to run the day in my mind a couple of times, to spot potential difficulties in its set up and further optimize. And that made all the difference. I realized where I need more time to plan buffers. When I need some additional rooms, how to minimize waiting time for candidates, etc.

Honestly, I never expected it to go so well! And what was even better — the day itself ran very smooth, I had a lot of fun, all candidates really enjoyed the day and mentioned the great organization. I was just sitting in there, smiling šŸ™‚

Try it out!



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