Week 22 – I just know

Have you ever felt that you are close, very close to realizing something, having an epiphany, an insight, a realization — but it is not yet there? You can almost literally touch it, taste it on your tongue, feel it on your heart — but somehow it still eludes you?

Then you know how I feel. I know, something is about to happen / already happening within me — and I do not yet fully understand it yet. I know my ture self is telling me something, pointing me into one direction, getting me to understand why I am here on earth — but I am not hearing it clearly yet. I know, this is about my journey. I know this is about my future life. I know this is about me, about my future self. It is almost like everything and everyone around me already knows what will happen / is happening with me, but somehow I dont.

All I know is that it is within me. The change I was always wishing for. The power I was hoping to discover one day, the certainty about the impact my life will have on generations to come. This all is in me and it will get out.

Trust me.

I do!


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