Welcome to my blog, welcome to my life!

In the next 6 months, I will be blogging each week about how my life is changes. But wait… This alone might not be so special as everybody knows that “change is the only constant in life” — what makes this blog special is that it documents how my life changes, right in front of my eyes and according to my own design. How? Simple: I am an MKMMA member.

But let me start at the beginning.

I am 33 years old, living in Germany, and working with one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherland – responsible to grow our market overseas. I married to the most beautiful lady in the world 2 years ago — but as she was working as a business consulting helping Forbes500 companies to grow their bottom line, we saw each other only during the weekends. And guys as both of us are were travelling, we did not even have a honey moon – but the monday after our wedding were sitting again in planes going in different directions.

What a life….

Of course we did not get married to live hundreds of kilometers apart and only see each other during the weekend. That is why we have been looking for alternatives. We checked out many seminars, read a lot of books and one day decided to take a leap of faith and decided to start our own business. We checked out many different opportunities, had a lot of different ideas, but ultimately decided to go forward start our own business based on a product that has been changing lifes since over 25 years.

We started out working our business part time. But pretty soon had our friends and family excited about the improvements they have seen in their lives — and earned nice money on the sid — that we realized that this business — if build correctly — will allow us to again spend our time together.

So a dream was born….

Of course everybody knows that you get really successful once you decide to burn all bridges behind you. And because our business grew quickly beyond borders — already in our third month we had business in 5 countries and two continents — we understand that a decision had to be taken — and my wife went to her boss and said the magical words “I quit” leaving her high powered and highly paid job behind to dedicate more time to growing our business.

Things went well, but of course not all the time. Lacking the stability of the second income our life changed, but not our dream. We needed to

But back to the question….

How do you create a life to design? We spend a lot of time searching on how to professionaliye our skills and pretty soon discovered that skills are only part of the equation. What is even more important is your mental blueprint. So your thought patterns, your beliefs, your habits, your thinking — the so called ” world within”.

When we discovered this, we were lucky enough that the MKMMA programme found us. This programme is a 6months intensive course, developped by Mark J, the world’s lazinest networker and the Fabulous Davene, and promised exactly what we were looking for — hands on support on a self-discovery journey to creating a new blueprind and thus a life to one’s own design.

I can tell you, guys, I am really excited and curious about this. And am looking forward to the next chapter in my journey. So stay tuned for the weekly updates 🙂


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