Week 1 – So the journey begins…

Aloah guys,

So the journey begins. Since a couple of days I am now a full MKMMA member. I feel that this is my path and I have indeed extremely high expectations: What I am expecting from the coming 6 months is that on or before April 2015 we consistently earn at least 4,000 Euro per month through our business.

4,000 Euro and a new life.

Why 4,000 Euro? Well the answer is simple. When we hit this income level consistently, this will allow me to leave my job. Because quite frankly, I am ready for a new life. A life in which I am growing my own asset, instead of making someone else rich. A life in which I can spend more time to work, play and travel with my wife. And most importantly a life in which I have the financial and the time freedome to be and do and have whatever I want. 4,000 Euro is of course not enough for this, but it is an important first step, a critical milestone we hit on our way to living our dreams.

The bigger picture

So how do we achieve this? Well the course lays out a pretty straight forward path.

  1. Knowing what I want — crafting what we call DMP (If you never defined your Definite Major Purpose in life I totally recommend you toget busy)
  2. Preparing my mind — daily reading of books like the greatest sales man in the world, master key system, etc. (absolutely mind blowing experience for anyone prepared to put the effort in)
  3. Feeding my mind — daily reading of my DMP and mental exercises (which I loooove – guys all power is in the world within – so stop searching in the world without what you already possess in the world within)

All this is not hard, but requires discipline. And of course this is what it all boils down to — creating new and successful habits.

So does it work?

Well I noticed already a couple of changes. E.g. I started to dream more intensely — partly quite strange things, and today so realistically that I still dont know if it was a dream or reality. I also noticed that I start to react differently in various situations — e.g I am more assertive, already feel that I have more time, and start to get even more things done.

I just know that these coming weeks and month are my chance to turn my life around — and I want to use this and play full out.

Everybody knows your current habits brought you to where you are today, and if this is not where we want to be, its quite likely our old habits wont take us to were we really want to go.

Whats next?

So I am dedicated to playing full out — leaving my old habits and blueprint behind, and curios what the next week will bring. Guys, one things is for sure — this course is the real deal and probably the greatest adventure I can be in: My own life and proactively creating my path to living my life fully!

I will keep you posted.

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