Week 2 – Its all about habits!


week 2 is in full speed and the programme is picking up speed. One of the biggest realizations for me this week is — it all comes down to habits: “the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is habit”.

So let me ask you this: — whatever success means to you; more time, more money, bigger house, better health, more joy, more friends, great relationships or something totally different — do you think that those people who are more successful than you, are more successful, because they are smarter than you? Or perhaps because they were lucky? Or because  they deserve it more? Or because they were born into it? Or because they just have better genes?

Maybe some of these reasons play into it in some cases but think about the majority of people and you start to realize that most of them just developed successful habits. May it be to get up early in the morning to simply get more done, or introducing themselves to everyone they meet, or to work out regularly, or to spend time enough with their friends to nurture their relationships or just prioritizing their time right, so that they are able to get things done on time.

So it really comes down to habits and when you think about it this is actually a very empowering thought. Success ultimately is really right into the palm of your hands. Because your habits are changable, not from today to tomorrow but through constant repitition. Those things you do over and over again become automated and effortless and thus habitual.

So the real question is — what habits would your successful you entertain?

Sometimes these can be really small things and we cannot imagine that this small thing actually would make a difference (reading a small piece of text every morning) but the really neat thing here is that small habits can make a big difference.

And when was the last time you consciously made a decision to design or upgrade your own habits?

I invite you to take some time this week to really think about which habits have been holding you back, and what habits the person you would like to become would entertain.And design your new life according to your plan. It is really powerful and a lot of fun thats for sure. Smashing through the old blueprint typically will be done after 4-6 weeks. Of course as with all change you may come across some resistence, if so just laught it away….

My new success habits are to only start what I intent to finish and following-through and finishing things I start. Easy right? Yeah easy and very, very powerful. Just think about the time you can save with stopping to work on projects that will never be done and the value you can create by finsihing things that are in beta mode for a long time already.

Always remember life is supposed to be fun and success should come natural to us. And with your new habits it will.

Keep me posted and let me know what happens to you.



4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Its all about habits!

  1. Great post, Michael. Reading your post it was like I was reading the words in my very own head to express my experience with MKMMA to day. It is empowering to know that we can create our own reality by creating new, good daily habits. The best is yet to come. Excellent post.


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