Week 3 — its work, and it pays off

Aloha guys,

we are now close to finishing week 3, and I am still rolling. Last week the initial excitement changed, and I needed to really make some conscious effort to follow through on my new habits that I established. What helped me — oberserving myself, and laughing about my old habits, and attaching the feeling of discovery and adventure and exploration to what I am doing now. I realized it is really up to me to decide how I want to feel about anything in my life. And these feelings ultimately generate my beliefs that are underlying and driving my actions.

Why am I not yet where I want to be?

The interesting thing is, doing this and reflecting more and more on these old habits of mine, I started to realize why I still am where I am today (working a fulltime job for someone else) — and not yet where I want to be (growing my own business full speed, and making a difference for hundreds of thousands of people in the world).

Guys, I tell you habits really are the key. So if you are not (yet) where you want to be then think about this — either you are holding on to something you dont need anymore, or you are not yet allowing the things to flow that take you to where you want to be. (cross out the will from every sentense you state about your future — and feel the power of creating your own reality right now!)

Need some examples? Ok!

One thing I definitively identified as my old/new habit is the full truth behind the saying “if it is not planned it is not true”. I always have a lot of ideas and ambitions, but many are stuck in work in progress, because I did not sit down and developed in writing a proper plan to make them come true. Now I fully realized that if I am not planning my days/weeks in writing this holds me back in at least two ways:

1. I clutter my mind with stuff that takes away my focus — as I constantly need to remind myself what I still have to do

2. and even more important I end up not doing these things that are essential to pursue my goals and dreams — but get stuck in doing something else (possibly even for someone else).

So I changed — and started to plan my time in even further detail. Amazing what you can accomplish with the proper tools at heand (I love the Master Keys, the cards, the blueprint builder and all these little gimmicks that support my internal change).

I sleep less and feel more alive!

The time needed to move forward on my lifes ambitions I find in the mornings and the evenings. I sleep less, and feel more alive. I am excited about what I am doing, sometimes so much that I am not even tired when I go to bed anymore. And the best thing — in my stommach I just know, that I know, that I know how my life will look like in the next years. Reading my DMP out loud definitively helps, and is a lot of fun the more enthusiasm I put in it.

Another things is that I really developped the habit of doing things now. Procrastination is such a big thing — and probably one of the major reasons why people do not achieve the success they dream about. So again, the MKMMA tools help a lot. And these things are easy to integrate into your everyday life.

Enthusiam is key!

So I can tell you it definitively requires discipline — and pays off already now. I can already see my habits changing already. I am excited about these changes and all the small things I am implementing — as everything links back to me being in control of my life, me making decisions how my life should look like, and me putting in the effort – with a lot of joy and enthusiasm — to make my future effortless.

So guys I can tell you this is the real deal — but I got to finish now, I got a future to create!


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