Week 5 – From my head to my heart.

Guys, I am excited!

I feel that this has been a cruicial week for me, as all the excercises this week moved the master keys from my head to my heart – and this feels great!

And what do I mean by this?

Easy — do you know the feeling that you intellectually understand something. Like for instance that 1 + 1 = 2? There are no emotions involved in this equation, at least not a lot. I have gone through a long and comprehensive education process with a total of more than 20 years in schools and universities and boy I can tell you that these years have literally made their “impression” on my mind.

I am not a overly rational person, but of course having been trained to analyse, disect and solve problems analytically, my rational thinking is well developed.  So some time ago after I threw myself into the master keys journey I started to notice during my sits: when I closely listened to whats going on in my mind, I could tell two voices apart. I was amazed by this discovery but it took me some time until I realized what these voices stand for — one, sounding more analytic and rational comes from my head, the other one, warm and more understanding, representing my heart.

I am amazed, I am excited – and the exercise this week really engaged me fully. Writing my press release made me understand the real power of all these things, that I am doing within the master keys. These exercises are not exercises for the fun of it. Not analytical, intellectual experiments, but they are my life. They are very real and they are extremely powerful. Writing my own press release, really drove this point home: I am right now creating my life. Every thought I have, every exercise I do, every word I speak, to myself and others, eventually becomes reality — my reality.

So this week really drove the course from my head to my heart — and I love it. I love the press release, I love the scroll 2, I love the journey I am on and I love my life!

Oh boy am I excited. And all this is happening now. I see small things appearing — huntches I have start to play out in real life. I just knew my Dad would call me and tell me about what happened to my grand ma. I knew my luggage would not show up on time, I knew that all packages would arrive on time, etc. It is amazing to “see” life playing out like this – and I am so curious about where this journey will take me.

One thing however is for sure – this process of self-discovery is indeed the biggest adventure on earth. And the best: It is my life!

5 thoughts on “Week 5 – From my head to my heart.

    1. Wow Michael, love feeling your energy come out of your writing, and so excited for you that it’s getting from your head into your heart! You’re doing just what Mark says, digging in and giving it your all, instead of just treating it as a checklist. Good for you, and I feel so privileged to be on this journey with you!


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