Week 6 – Making my DMP come alive


week 6 is done and I can tell you this has been a big one.

I understood that we have really laid all the foundations in the last 5 weeks. That means that from now onwards we can pick up speed and get our vision — or more precisely get my vision of my future life into my subconscious mind 24-7.

And to do so two concepts really stand out for me — these are repetition and change.

Last week I felt that some of the things have become routine. While routine is of course a good thing and something that helps us to establish new habits. Routine also might take away the initial excitement, the feeling of adventure, of freshness, of newness and amazement. So how to deal with this? Simple! With variations and the law of sustitution.

It is really amazing how powerful all the variations of the DMP are. Last week we have composed our own press release – allowing us and our subconscious mind to look at our DMP from a different angle, i.e. as if it has already been accomplished. If you have never written a press release about your own future life, I can only recommend you to do it. It drives your points home in a powerful way.

This week we created our our Movie Poster around our own smart goals, including the goals, the actions, the feelings and the rewards. And guys, I can tell you this had a massive impact upon me, keeping my vision fresh and vivid, my DMP alive and enthusiased and all this based on a simple poster. It really is amazing. After I finished the poster, I now see green triangles everywhere, which remind me unconsciously about my smart goal to live in New York by 31.12.2017. I cannot describe how powerful this is. And I put the poster next to my bed so that it is the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning. Like this the shapes are with me during day and night, and I can tell you that my subconscious is already working on it.

There are pictures of the view from our Manhatten appartment coming up during my day, and I all this helps me to integrate my DMP into my life. Making all these exercises less of a theoretical exercise but really weaving them into my current reality. And this is so powerful that I boundaries between now and future, between current and future self really start blurring. Powerful, really. I really can be what I will to be.

I really love all these different ways of getting my messgae to my subconscious mind. And if I still feel a little boredom or restistance, all I do is thinking about my future self, about my goals and dreams and my future life. This process is simple and extremely powerful. I observe, I recognize, I relate and I laugh!  Guys, I am ready for change – and we all should be laughing more!




2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Making my DMP come alive

  1. Congratulations on really catching the vision of how this Mastermind works — I’m looking forward to your progress in the coming weeks, as you encourage me to do more with all your ideas. Thank you! Blessings!!


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