Week 8 – Getting a glimpse of my new reality


I am thrilled. Really thrilled.

There is a line in my DMP talking about how I am enjoying my freedom, sitting at the beach, watching the sun set into the ocean, turning the world around me into liquid gold.

Last week I have been travelling in Bali – one of the most spiritual places I have ever been. And within the programme there was a visit to a spiritual dance included. The setting of the dance was amazing (as was the performance) Imagine it this way: On top of a mountain cliff there is a ancient temple from the 11th century, right at the edge of the cliff, probably 150 meters above sea level. Next to the temple in an open air theatre the spiritual performance took place, allowing me to see the temple, the performance as well as the sun setting into the ocean — all while 70 performer were dancing themselves into a deep trance, and the sun going down turning everything around me into liquid gold. Just as I described it within my DMP!

Amazing! Really mind blowing. I really shivered in awe and realized how close I am to breaking through, creating my new life. Wow!

During the last days I often felt boundaries between reality and imagination blurring, but I never felt so emerged into my new reality like during this performance. While watching all this I really felt the deeper truth of everything we learned during the MKMMA — and: I really can be what I will to be. All it requires is to know what you want and the persistance in getting your new reality deeply seeded into your subconscious mind.

Guys I can tell you I am thrilled. I know that I know that I know — and this is massive.

Believe, I do!

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