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The view out of the floor to ceiling windows is stunning. The scenary unfolding right in front of my eyes takes my breath away – better than any movie, more beautiful that any picture. We are on the 60th floor of the Westend Tower on 15, East Street, overlooking Manhatten with its high raising skyscrapers surrounding Central Park, the gree lung of the city.

Here I am meeting Michael Steinmann, whose story is a true inspiration for manz people that long for more freedom in their lifes. Michael looks at me with a warm smile, his eyes full of kindness, understanding and love. His voice calm, confident and inviting: ” Welcome to our place.”

There is this energy in the room. The one where you feel harmony and expansion, adventure and excitement, confidence and joy. “Sometimes I still have to poke myself” Michael says noticing my gazes wondering through the room taking it all in. “It seems like yesterday that all this has only been in my head – and today I am living it.”

“Right” I said. “You have not always been living here. How come you can today live the life that others only dream about?”

Well, I have always been a very creative person. Believing in actively creating and improving circumstances instead of accepting them and just fitting in. And I always believed in being there for others. Both of this brought me here.”

“But let me start at the beginning of our new life. Because things really started to accelerate when me and my wife, the beautiful Masha, got to know the Rich Dad Philosophy from Robert Kiyosaki. It was in early 2011. We  just had started a new chapter in our personal and professional life – as both of us had just accepted new jobs, and we recently got married.

But instead of enjoying our honeymoon together, the morning after our wedding, my wife was sitting in a plane on her way to her current customer in Austria, while I was driving back to my second home in the Netherlands. We were living the lifes of high powered and well paid young professionals. I already previously had heard a voice in my head and noticed from time to time a feeling in my stommach that something was missing, but I still remember that very day I was sitting in my car with tears streaming down my face. And I asked myself, was this really the life I wanted for myself? Seeing my wife only during the week-ends and spending my life to make someone elses dreams come true?

That day we started to search for alternative, and most importantly started to listen, look for and follow the bliss of our lifes. We checked out plenty of business opportunities, created many ideas and even more brainstorm lists — always believing along the way that like everybody else also we had choices and that we have the right and the responsibilities to live our lifes fully.

And we have been very blessed – with getting involved with the right people at the right time. So by April 2013 we started running our own company that quickly evolved into a multinational business — always firmly holding our own vision in our hearts and minds of enjoying our lives together.

Life was good, we woke up every morning next to each other, did not yet make a lot of money but the first step was accomplished: Spending more time with each other and creating our own asset that pays us until the rest of our lifes.

Things were improving, we did not have all the money we wanted to have yet, but the business started to grow nicely – and we understood that this is really our way to live our dream.

Everything started to really kick off when we came across the world class trainings from Mark J and Davene. This helped us not only to improve our professional skills but also guides us on our very own journey to self-discovery. In late September 2014 we started on what for sure has been the ultimate growth path for us personally as well as for our business. How little did I know by that time that the dream I held would come true quicker than I imagined. So we started our journey with the Master Keys, unedrstanding more and more the laws of nature, the power of the subconscious mind and how we can put ourselves in line with these eternal truths.

The more we learned, the more we gave to other people, the more we grew the quicker our organisation expanded. Our dream has always been to work our business together in fulltime – and of course to play together full time, seeing the world, enjoying our freedom, living our lifes. Our business really started to explode from November 2014 onwards. Why? For two reasons: 1. We understood that the focus of our work is on talking to new people and so we found new ways of getting ourselves and our business in front of new and the right people. 2. we reached a point in our personal development, where we went all in – giving all these brilliant exercises from the Master Keys course 150%. As a result the right options and ideas showed up and we subconsciously took the right actions effortlessly and with a lot of fun — between the two of us and with our entire team.

In Nov 2014 we advanced two people to Key Director and thus became Senior Director. Fully in the flow, Dec 2014 was even better for us: We went 6 Star Director and took 3 new people Master in our personal group. Man what momentum we had going and it did further multiply from there. Bz March and April 2015 we hit Master Director in two months in a row, and thus became Ambassador with Reliv. Our income by that time was 4,000 Euro per month.

This income gave us the security to launch the neyt phase in our business: I joined my wife in building our business fulltime. Boy, what fun we had – and still have. What started for us was really the dream come true – only better. We saw all our efforts paying off 150%. We helped our people believing in them and developping into that they wanted to be.

In Dec 2015 we turned presidential Director. Earning then 6,000 Euro per month. Travelling the world together, teaching others and growing our business exponentially. What was really great about this — we have been able to combine business with leisure and family time – and now also got going with the second passion we have: developping properties in Hull, UK.

In Jan 2016 we started our own leadership retreats — intensive learning and development retreats for the leaders in our team — fully funded by us. This exploded our business in the months and years to come — and developed a culture of mutual support, team spirit and success — and further grew our income to 25,000 Euro per month by April 2017.

All these numbers are of course only one side of the story. What is more are all the experiences we gathered along the way the stories we heard and became a part of all the lives we touched and improved and the hope we have been able to give and fullfill for hundreds of thousands of people all along the way.

The amazing thing: The more we focussed on helping others, the more successful we became.

Now, since Dec 2017 we are living here in New York – enjoying our lifes and ourselfves in this beautiful city, living our dream. Waking up every morning next to each other, with the sunrise over this impressive scenary, excited about yet another day.”

“Thanks. Facinating to know how life turned out for you. Now  the real question is: How did you do it?”

“Well the key is the world within. I have always been fascinated by learning – and the real power of knowledge lies within its applications. And this application started to happen naturally, automatic and effortlessly for me, as soon as I started to focus on the world within; meaning when I started to more and more understand how to control and work with my mind and my thoughts. This is when I realized that I have all the answers within me. So I dont need anyone to teach me how to do it, because everything is within me already. All I needed to do is to educe from within me the knowledge I had and apply it — and the Master Keys course made all the difference.

Let me give you an example: Through the Master Keys I consciously started to plant a new reality / new thoughts / a new blueprint in my mind. During the first weeks this was all new and fun to me. It was light and playful but I did not yet understand the full power of what I had discovered. That only happened in week 5. For me this has been a major breakthrough. I understood while the approach is light and playful, the results are extremely tangible and powerful. And because I also understood that you get what you give, I moved all in. Giving now 150% for all the excercises – no matter where I was: at home, at work, travelling, on holiday, etc. The more I moved all in, the more excited I became. It felt like being (again) the true captain of my life. I used all opportunities I could spot to do the excercises to practice and improve. Suddenly all the assignments came naturally to me. I used waiting time to link shapes, and colours to my ppns and my DMP. I read the Master Keys and set at home, in planes, in hotels, in trains and I had a lot of fun with the process. The more I gave the more I get – and started to see massive changes all around me — in myself, my circumstances, my actions, my reality, my energy, my habbits and my bank account.

All these excercises really had an accumulative effect. At the end of week 6 I noticed that whereas before I had a lot of ideas, a lot of hesitations and only little results. Now, I subconsciously discovered the right things to do and without hesitation simply put these ideas into practice – effortlessly.

One example: We had a major product launch in October 2014. I knew that this launch would have a major impact on our business. I just felt it. and somehow I knew what I had to do: I took all my professional knowledge to set up a couple of websites to generate direct and high quality business leads for us. Not a new thought, as I had been thinking about this already before – what definitively was different was the speed and the power with which I made this idea come true. And by the end of November 2014 these websites delivered us a steady flow of 20 new customers a week growing quickly into 300 new customers a month from Jan 2015 onwards.

Similarly, once I had controlled my thoughts, talking to people became automatic. The difference: I was now entirely free to share with anyone what we had found – and did it whenever I met people. This just came naturally and helped us to win the first place in Europe in Dec 2014 and a humanitarian award in Jan 2015.

The most important thing however was that people followed us blindly. We had such a high authority in our group that successful people started to gravitate towards us — seeing how we changed and hearing and understanding the deeper truth from our words and action, the level of cooperation grew more intense and people started to get more curious about how we do what we do and followed us on our path. And this spread throughout our organisation and of course even better results followed. ”

“So how does your future look like?”

“We onlyrecently moved to New York and this city is a very special place for us, with all its beauty and peace. What I however did not found here yet is a Master Keys Institute. I feel that this city would be a great home for such an institute as New York stands like no other city for dreams, following ones bliss and such would truly be a good location for such an institute.

Of course there are many other places in the world, that could also be home to such an institute – as the world definitively need to hear more about this amazingly powerful methodology. So even if there are no concrete plans for this yet, I just have a huntch that this could be coming up soon — and thus helping even morepeople to do what we did: turning our lifes around!: Allowing them to see and really understand that there are always choices in this world. To make sure people understand that their life depends on them has always been my passion – and in any case, I surely continue to spread this message globally.”




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