Week 17 — The Hero’s Journey, A Journey Within!

Guys, major realization for me this week:

when I started with the MKMMA programme, my objective was all clear to me: Leave my job at the end of the MKMMA experience. I saw me leaving my job as the real start of my personal hero’s journey. The journey I was so much looking forward to (I love travelling, I love discovery and I love getting out there into the unknown, exploring new places, pioneering and turning unknown into know territory).

Now I realized that the real heros journey is — of course — within.  And that I am of course on this journey already — the reading, the sitting, the exercises. Amazing how blind one can be. Waiting and looking forward to the start of a journey, while not realising, that the journey has already started long time ago! Looooooong time ago. Really funny! And I also realized that there is no turning back.

This might soud like a simple realisation, yet to me it is an extremely powerful one. Imagine, I have come so far without actually noticing that the journey I was waiting for has already begun! Just think about how much more powerful this experience will become with me fully realizing that everything I do is a part of this journey, this biggest adventure of my life! Everything I do helps me moving further forward, helping me to explore new places, making new connections, turning the unknown into the known and getting myself one step closer to being my true self.

Guys, I am excited about the next weeks — so bring it on!


Week 16 – what do you really want out of life?

Have you ever asked yourself, what you really want out of life?

My continuous reading, sitting, thinking and all other MKMMA exercises confront me daily with this question. In my DMP I currently talk about living in New York, in an appartment overlooking central park. Of course, that is a nice place to live but at the end of the day, honestly, I am less concerned about the actual physical surroundings — what I really want and earnestly desire is the feeling of freedom, an openness to life, to its magic, its adventures and encounters, the amazement and the marvel at life – and the connected liberty, lifestyle and freedom on personal and professional level. This is what the house stands for. This is what NYC stands for.  So could I life somewhere else? Yes. Could I live without that feeling of freedom, amazement, magic, and joy I am longing for? Nope.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Fascinating that a feeling, an emotion, a state is so much more important in life than the actual physical surroundings. Fascinating and powerful — because state and feeling comes from the world within – and that means it is totally up to me to direct and create these conditions – even before and without having all these accompliments in the world within.


So does this mean that the accomplishments I speak about in my DMP are just “the effect”? And that these effects will manifest once I accomplished the right cause, once I have the feeling of freedom in me? Probably, yes.

Guys, what a thought: So once I am feeling the freedom I am looking for, really feeling this freedom fully and completely, all my smart goals, like the appartment in NYC will fall into place? Probably yes. On the other hand: who needs al these symbols of success in the world without, if he truely has all the freedom he is wishing for already in the world within?

Sounds like I have some more thinking to do 🙂

Week 15 – Knowledge does not apply itself

Guys, this week it struck me — right in the MasterKeys part 15, 36 it says:

“Let the thought dwell on the fact, that knowledge does not apply itself. That our actions are not governed by knowledge but by custom, precent and habit!”

Wow, what a thought! Knowledge and education has always been very important for me. I always considered myself knowledgable. I know a lot of answers to a lot of useful and perhaps also rather unuseful questions, I spend 20+ years in the education system. However, the focus of my education has always been on gaining KNOWLEDGE, being able to answer questions, finding the right solutions. But I never understood sooo deeply that KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT APPLICATION IS NOTHING!
I dont know about you, but to me, this really is big. Why? Let me give you an example. Previously, for me it was all about knowing the answer to a challenge. Numbers always fascinated me, I liked looking at equations, thinking about real world problems, and understanding how to solve them. The funny thing — the more advanced I became in my skills, the less I really cared about the actual solution, but finding the right approach on how to solve them. Finding the right approach always excited me, with the approach discovered, solving the equations I almost considered too trivial.In other words, my education has drilled me to KNOW, to understood but not to DO.But it is not my knowledge that guides my actions, but it is my customs and habits!So what does this really mean?

  1. I already KNOW which actions I need to take to get where I want to go
  2. the lacking application of my knowledge currently hold me back — as it is the key component to getting where I want to go in life (might sound pretty straight forward, but really think about it — do you really apply all your knowledge?)
  3. Reaching the destination in a journey requires many steps. Likewise is success the result of the actions I take and not the knowledge I have accumulated.
  4. Making this my new HABIT will propel me to my goals — and with the MKMMA I have all the tools to do it.

And of course applying this insight, is the first step to change!


Week 14 – Lets get positive!

The week between Christmas and New Year for me is always a week to calm down, to decompress, to relax. Typically this is a week where I am off work and really can take some time to reflect. I have shared with you last week, that my focus is on getting more positive with my self.

Well, this week has been both a challenge and a success in this matter.

A challenge because I had more time for myself, I automatically expected to do more for me. (Of course if you can fit in all the MKMMA activities next to a fulltime job, you should be able to easily fit it in during your holidays – and of course even more of it, right?!)Well turns out that more time is not necessarily more time. It is all about having a plan, that makes less time, more time — and more time even more time, if that makes sense!

Interestingly, even if I know this and wanted to do the planning for me for this week. Somehow I didn’t — and even though initially I was really unhappy with myself, at a certain point I realized, that having no plans during this time, was important for me. Important to unwind, to let go and to calm down.  I understood, that there is something bigger than myself. And I also understood,  that it is not about checking all the boxes all the time, but how you feel about checking them. This for me is easier said than done, but I stick to the process. Reading the achievement cards, looking at the mental diet pill and perhaps sometimes also allowing myself to be negative — but for a definite period of time

So what did I learn through this experiences?

  1. It is all about being in harmony — with others and myself.
  2. It is important to let go and trust something bigger has your back
  3. It is not about ticking all the boxes all the time, but about how you feel when you tick them.
  4. Success requires a written plan of action.
  5. More time is is in the planning.

Pretty big week, right?

Week 13 — What is persistence?

Guys, have you ever heard this one: It takes persistence to succeed! And have you ever thought about what persistence really is? And perhaps even more important; If you have it?

Some people think that persistance is a character trait — and that either you have it or you dont. How wrong can one be!

Turns out persistence at the end of the day is nothing more than a by-product, and thus nothing more than the result of four small habits – definitiveness of purpose, positive mental attitude, written plan of action and mastermind.The good news — everybody can develop persistence, and thus become successful.

So let me explain the habits a little more

1. Definitiveness of purpose. This means to know what you want to achieve in life. To know what you are here for and what you want your life to say when all is said and done. This sounds rather big, right? Well in fact it is, but lets break it down and go one step at a time. Initially you can start out with any goal meaningful for you and you will find more clarity the longer you concentrate on it. Write this goal down as if you have already achieved it and look at it daily, in fact read it out loud daily and put feelings into it — how will you feel once you have accomplished this goal?

2. Positive mental attitude. Did you ever realized how much negativity you come across during a normal day? Radio, newspaper, TV, colleagues, friends, family members, youself, … Guess what this has to stop. If you really want to become successful you have to develop and cultivate a positive mental attitude. So blocking all the negativity out of your mind — and perhaps even out of your house. You will realized the more positivity you surround yourself with, the more successful you become.

3. Written Plan of Action — ever heard this one: if it is not written, it is not true. Well, turns out written planning is critical to persistence. So ask yourself to achieve your goal, what is is actually you have to do. Amazingly in most cases we know what are the activities that really drive our success but dont consistenly do them. That is where awritten plan will come in handy. And I promise you as soon as you start writting your actions and thus likely your results will increase.

4. Mastermind — 2 or more poeple in perfect harmony masterminding about your challenges and keeping you on track is critical to persistence and thus success. The power of a mastermind is that it encourages you to follow through on your plan, as well to optimze your planning. So critical reflections and brainstorming are part of your masterminding experiences like setting your plan for the next day or week. Masterminding truly takes your commitment to a whole new level.

The amazing thing — if you follow these 4 habits, you will see that you will find yourself being more persistent in your quests and you will see that suddenly you have more energy to do what you want to do and it will take less effort to success. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Week 13 – That’s it, I am done!

Have you ever thought about why you are still at that spot in your life, which you wanted to have left behind already long time ago? Why you are still stuck in that city, in that job, in that relationship, in that environment?

I dont know what this spot is for you but I had a major aha moment this week. And perhaps this might help you too. I always considered myself a very positive person. Very open and supportive for others, and always seeing the good in others.

Now I realized that this is only half the truth.

The other half: I am very hard on my own. This really is amazing, the longer I think about it, the more I realize, the deeper truth and how much this did hold me back. The good thing, and I know exactly where this is coming from — the red pencil syndrom. I spend quite some time in the education system — 4 years of primary school, 9 years of secondary school, 5 years of university as a student and another 4 years as a research assistant. That is over 20 years being trained to look for what is wrong and pointing out the mistakes, instead of looking for and appreciating waht is right.

But guess what — I am done with it!

I am now developing a positivity bias! How? There are three simple steps to developing my own positivity bias.

1. Achievement cards — This is simple but very effective. Every week I write out 50 cards with my own achievements and things I did correctly. Either in that particular week, the last year or anytime in my life. Every day I mix three additional gratitude cards in and sift through all the cards at least once a day reading them out loud with gusto. Of course the more I read the more excited I become and the more successes come to my mind. So I am picking up momentum.

2. Mental Diet Pill — When I am thinking any negative thought I stop entertaining this thought directly. Of course this sometimes can be challenge and here a mental diet pill comes in handy — that is simply a picture from one of my smart goals that I keep in my pocket for easy access.

3. Bear hugs kettle — if all this does not help, there is a short sentence that helps me to set my mind on a different track. This sentence is bear hugs kettle — which reminds me that I have choices in my life. The sentence refers to bears that apparently when touching hot things, are not able to let go, but hang on to them harder, and the more they burn the more they hang on to what is destroying them until they lose their life. Now the simple sentence reminds me that it is my choice to act differently — and thus helps me to let go and think of something else.

For me these things really start to work. I realize that sifting through the cards changes the way I think about myself and with the mential diet pill and the bear hugs kettle I have to additional tools to help me stay on track — amazing what one can do, if he / she is willing to put in the work. I dont know about you — but I am really excited about this, and an looking forward to seeing myself succeed even more.


Week 12 – Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Does this sound familar? Right, it is taken from the fairytale from the Brothers Grimm. But what I experienced this week is far from fairytale. It is reality, but let me start at the begining.

This week started off with one of the most powerful exercises I have ever gone through — we were asked to stand in front of a mirror and speak to ourselves for 50 min. And during this time all we said was one sentence, repeated — the essence of our DMP.

I dont want to share the sentence but more the feelings that I went through during this exercise. While standing in front of the mirror I realized that I hadnt had a look at me so attentively for a long time. And while repeating the essence of my DMP I realized that in front of my eyes my face changed and it seemed to me that I had aged quickly and looked old and tired. And I understood that this is what is waiting for me if I continue to follow my old blueprint, meaning procrastinating, following someone elses dream, and not hiding away instead of standing out, taking some risks and allowing myself to shine fully.

That Moment I realized that if I want different results, I had to do things differently. I realized that doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, that really is the definition of insanity. And I realized that I had Options. That I had come this far for a reason. That I really wanted a different outcome and am ready to do the work, And thought about my life, I thought about where I was today and I thought about how I want my life to play out from here forward. I fully understood that the choice really is mine. With the Masterkeys all the TOOLS I NEED TO CHANGE are placed right into the palm of my hand. The choice however is up to me — and while I can repeat this sentence over and over again, actions speak louder than words any time of the week. It sounds so simple but is so true — knowledge does not apply itself. It is up to me to take action and literally be the change I want to see.

All the masterkey actions  taken individually look so small. And despite the fact that they only take a couple of min a day it is so easy to procrastinate on them — but I asked myself one simple question… What if? What if I had started on that journey already earlier? Where would I be today? Because even if my actions of today might look like only small efforts, small efforts repeated accomplish any undertaking. And while the individual swipes might not have the slighted effort on a mighty oak, all swipes together will result in victory!

Guys, celebrate the small steps, the seamingly minor accomplishments, anything that you might have taken for granted till today. I am sure the more you celebrate these seamingly small accomplishments, the quicker you proceed on your journey to your dreams!

To your success!