Week 23 — What is life?

Guys, let me ask you a simple question today — what is life?

Life ultimately is just a collection of single days. So if a day is all we have, the key to happiness in life is to living this day fully.

Because — what if you would not get another one tomorrow? What if this day would be all you have? Would you live your day different? Would you care so much about the work you need to get done? Would you get into that stupid arguement with the ones you love? Would you spend the last day of your life sitting in that office, looking at that small screen of your computer, hitting this keyboard as if you life depended on it.

What if it really does?

What if you put all the energy and time you had in your life into making someone else happy. What if you had only x amount of days left in your life, and every day you dedicate yourself to someone elses wishes, you are loosing yours. Never forget: This is your life. This is your time to shine! Recourses are limited. Make sure you spend them on what matters to you!

This might be the last day of your life — make it count.

For you — and the ones you love!


Week 22 – I just know

Have you ever felt that you are close, very close to realizing something, having an epiphany, an insight, a realization — but it is not yet there? You can almost literally touch it, taste it on your tongue, feel it on your heart — but somehow it still eludes you?

Then you know how I feel. I know, something is about to happen / already happening within me — and I do not yet fully understand it yet. I know my ture self is telling me something, pointing me into one direction, getting me to understand why I am here on earth — but I am not hearing it clearly yet. I know, this is about my journey. I know this is about my future life. I know this is about me, about my future self. It is almost like everything and everyone around me already knows what will happen / is happening with me, but somehow I dont.

All I know is that it is within me. The change I was always wishing for. The power I was hoping to discover one day, the certainty about the impact my life will have on generations to come. This all is in me and it will get out.

Trust me.

I do!

Week 21 — One day at a time!


this week, I had a mayor realization: Life is nothing more than just 1 day!

Why? Because ultimately all you have is one day. All you have is today! Think about it: the past is the past — nothing you can do about that anymore (apart from changing it in your memory that it becomes as supportive as it can be for you today!) and the future is nothing less then yet another day; one day at a time (if you are fortunate enough to receive it). So really your life comes down to today.

What does that mean? Well, do me it is simple: if you want to enjoy life — make sure you do it today! If you are grateful for someone — make sure you tell them today! If you love someone — dont wait, tell them today! If you want to have freedom in your life — go get it today! If you want travel and explore the world, set your sails today!

I sometimes have the feeling we get trapped in our future goals. Making our happiness conditional with hitting certain achievement levels in the future. Preventing us from being really happy and fulfilled today. But life is nothing more than a day. We receive it this way, we should life it this way.

If today is all we have, all we should care about is to make sure we live it fully, today!

Week 20 – See it and you can achieve it


today I want to share again some realizations around visualizations and planning. I started to use this not only for my private life, but also for my professional life — and it works! So last week for example I had to run a full day recruitment event. Something I had never done before, but of course the universal mind knows how to handle easily.

So I decided to sit about it. A couple of ideas came to my mind. For example that I should split the day into individual interview sessions in the morning and group assignments in the afternoon. And what I did next, I would have never done before our MKMMA experience: I decided to run the day in my mind a couple of times, to spot potential difficulties in its set up and further optimize. And that made all the difference. I realized where I need more time to plan buffers. When I need some additional rooms, how to minimize waiting time for candidates, etc.

Honestly, I never expected it to go so well! And what was even better — the day itself ran very smooth, I had a lot of fun, all candidates really enjoyed the day and mentioned the great organization. I was just sitting in there, smiling 🙂

Try it out!


Week 19 — Silence is Inspiration!


I want to share a big learning for me this week: Silence is inspiration – and inspiration requires silence.

This is what I mean: Do you know the feeling that things seem to get out of your control, because there is simply too much happening in your life? Isnt it fascinating that typically our reaction to feeling overwhelmed by stuff is to try to do more stuff with the given time? Resulting typically in even more things to do, or more precisely the feeling that you should have done even more things already, once you started ticking first things of your mental list?

Well here is the thing — instead of trying to do things and starting to spin your wheels faster, have you ever tried to let go? To take a step back?

To take the time to breath.

To become calm.

To sit.

to relax.

to let go.

In silence.

Just you.

Only YOU.


Did you feel something? Amazing, right? And even now, I promise there are million things running through your head. Things you should be doing, things you feel should have been done already yesterday, things you have to do tomorrow, and things you know you will never get done on time. Well I advise do the same thing.

Become calm.

Let go.



In silence.

Let go.


Become you.

Just you.

For me the realization I had was the following — when I took the time to really take a step back and letting go ideas suddenly pop up into my mind. Ideas that help me cut through the feeling of needing to do everything, and allow me to focus and move forward with those things that are the really important once. Things that really make a difference. A difference for ME — and so for YOU.

Week 18 – Gratitude means happiness

Have you ever heard the saying “The longer the journey, the clearer to destination”? Sure you did! And while I recently started to rework my DMP again, I am getting clearer and clearer on the destination that I want to reach in my world within. The destination that will allow me to realize effortlessly all things I am thriving for in my world without.

There are two things that are central to my life: happiness and love. I deeply believe that this is what I truly am in my deepest core – and I am getting closer and closer to letting these feelings shine through me everyday.

What amazes me, is how much I am changing – and how quick things are developing.

There are moments in my life, where I am suddenly feeling a very deep love or a very deep joy and happiness. Sometimes this might even happen from one moment to the other. For instance last Wednesday. I was sitting in a plane. Travelling back home from a week in the United States, letting my thoughts run. Suddenly I felt it. A deep warmth inside myself.  Originating somehwere between my heart and my stomach, and steadily getting bigger until pulsating through my entire body. A feeling of love of life itself and a deep gratitude. And I only then realized the tears streaming down my face, truly moved by my journey and my life.

Or last Saturday. I woke up with a feeling of true happiness within me. This was amazing as I did not have such a feeling so early in the morning for a long time. The sun was shining and I was just feeling great! It was comparable to a young child getting up on christmas day or ones birthday. A mixture of happiness, and deep gratitude – and openness for life itself. Then I also truely realized how closely gratitude and happiness are linked and understood: the more grateful I am, the happier I become.

The greatest thing — I know why this is happening, and how I can get even more of it! It is the result of the MKMMA happiness progression we have been on since a couple of weeks.

I love it and for sure will give even more!


Week 17b – All Growh Is From Within

Since the early weeks of the mkmma experience we read, heard and spoke about the world within and the world without. One of the key concepts was “all growth is from within!”

This week during one of my sits I really understood the deeper truth of this concept. During the flower exercise it just hit me. I was watching the flower grow and realized — I am the flower!

what do I mean by that? Well think about it this way. How does the flower grow? By reaching out. By growing her roots to the borders of her universe and her comfort zone. By dividing and subdividing her cells she stretches forward and attracts everything she needs for fulfillment along the way: nutrients, water, light etc. then and only then when the basement is firmly established she starts to grow towards the sky. Growing again from within applying the same principles of cell growth!

i am the flower. Growing and drawing out what I already have within me. By Stretching myself and reaching out to the borders of my comfortzone – the borders of my daily habits, my old beliefs, my worldviews – I build the foundation of further growh. And it is exactly by doing so that I am able to find, attract and incorporate what feeds my further growth from the inside out: new thoughts new habits new beliefs and the faith to go further into the unknown – one step at a time.